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Thread: 2nd Cycle Help

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    2nd Cycle Help

    Looking for help on 2nd cycle.

    Finishing up 1st cycle (8 Weeks) on straight t400. 1st 4 Weeks at 400mg then jumped to 600mg and started making gains almost immediately. Put on 12-13 pounds and had NO PAIN from the 400 at all. My strength really shot up after bumping to 600mg but the Mass didnt really follow as much as I would have hoped.

    Id like to take a short off-cycle and then step it on up to a HIGHLY Recommended stack to put on some noticeble, keepable size. Currently 32yo, 5'10" 190lb.

    Any help ???


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    Well I am willing to bet the reason you started to see gains after week 4 wasn't because you bumped up the test to 600mg/week, it was because the test just started kicking in by week 4 or 5. Take some time off, get your natural test levels back to normal. Do you have clomid? Do some research in the meantime. Study all the drug profiles and read a lot of the posts at this site.

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    IMO, take NoLimits advice. And I'm sure he's right about the reason for seeing gains when the Test finally kicked in during week 4.


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