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    Talking sus,cyp and deca need some advice here

    hey im here cuz i need some help with planning my next cycle
    im 5'11 and currently weigh about 188 lbs
    i was on sus and dbol in the spring and was up too a large 210 or so now im playin collage football and lost most of my gains.
    i wanted to go on a larger amount of sus this time and stack it with the cyp and deca figuring it should get me pretty bulked up. i want to get to about 220
    i read that stayin on longer can sometimes let you keep more gains..
    heres what i plan on doing
    sus cyp deca
    1 500 250 200
    2 500 250 200
    3 750 250 200
    4 750 250 200
    5 750 250 200
    6 1000 250 200
    7 1000 250 200
    8 750 250 200
    9 750 250 200
    10 750 250 200
    11 500 250 200
    12 500 250 200
    along with nolvadex through out the cycle and clomid at the end.
    let me know what you think

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    good drug choices poor cycle plan(no flame bro just answer)
    first why all the pyramiding--thats old school and uneffective---been proven not to help
    if anything you want to start high to saturate receptors for max gains then keep an even amount in system
    a better way to run it is with what you have listed is to do

    sus at 1000mg first 2 weeks then 750 for next 10 weeks
    cyp ok at 250mg per week for 12 weeks- adds another test compound
    deca should be ran at 400mg per week --no less and up to 600mg per week for the 12 weeks

    remember that sus is self tapering as it slowly leaves system so no need for pyramid also deca stays active up to 3 weeks after last shot as does sus
    do nolvs as needed and not everyday unless getting estrogen sides also nolvs or clomid will not help if getting sides from deca as it is from progestrone(sides like deca dick--no hard ons-- or sensitive nipples that nolvs wont help which means caused by progestrone which then you have to drop deca to get rid of those sides)
    clomid shopuld be started 3 weeks after last sus/deca shot and do 300mg day 1 then 100mgs days 2-7 then 50mgs days 8-14

    final note i would recomend eq instead of deca as i do not like deca ---even though effective drug just too many sides from it

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    thanks for the info man.. just wondering though, how much eq would i need to do.. and in your opinion do you think i could get the size i want with this cycle and proper diet and workouts

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