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    Unhappy keeping gains(after steroids use)

    if you gust stop useing steroids all of your gains will go way some one told me if you get off of them right your keep most of the gains
    how do u get off of them right

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    You need to do alot of research mate...

    The Search button is very useful to find out very basic things like that Bro..

    But to help ya out anyhow mate.. The most effective way to keep as much of your gains as possible is to run Clomid at the end of your cycle... which restores your natural test levels as fast as possible.... as well as keeping your diet and training at top notch..

    Hope this helps mate..


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    What I would like to know is if it's a fallacy that gains don't disappear significantly after roids, why do former pro (and others of much less ability) bodybuilders on majority look like they couldn't win a local amateur contest?

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    Clomid and diet are what helps me from keeping my gains post cycle.

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    It's been 3 weeks I'm off the Sus @ 500mg/week + EQ @ 200mg/week, 9 weeks in total into my overall cycle and now running Winnie 100mg/EOD + Primo 200mg/week since week 6 and will do so until week 12...

    Clomid and Clen are in the near future, I was wodnering if I've already lost what was to be lost from the Test. by the time I come off or there will be some unavoidable losses that I cannot avoid even though I will be keeping up my diet and the hard training..The excess water is off since about 2 weeks!

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