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    Get some comments on cycle

    I was thinking about this for a cut cycle, tell me what you think. I was gonna try the cut fuel........250 mg x 10 Ml consisting of.....(100 mg fina, 100 mg suspension, 50 mg masteron .)

    Cut Fuel 1 ml shot 3 x a week for 10-12 weeks, not sure, then

    Clen for 8 weeks 200 mcg a day

    clomid after last shot 100 mg a day 7 days, 50 mg for 14

    Cut Fuel 3 ml: 1-10 or 12 not sure yet,
    Clen: 10-18 or 12-20
    Clomid: 3weeks after last shot

    Please tell me what you think. I am gonna research a lot more, but I am looking for a great cutting stack. I was just checking out the Cut Fuel thing, but i am gonna look into Winny, Sust 250, EQ, primo, and some other stuff. Tell me what you guys think. Thanks!

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    with the aas that you listed --you need to do clomid within a few days after last shot
    if doing sus or eq or deca you will need to wait 3 weeks,test cyp or enth you wait one week then do clomid. but for what you have listed they are fast acting meaning in and out quick so do clomid sooner

    also consider t3
    winny,anavar , eq will all help to harden you

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    Hey bud, that cycle doesnt sound all that bad, but i seen you had masteron and last i heard, all masteron was fake, and i can say that may be true, because all the last times i had anything to do with it, turned out fake, not calling you a lair, just saying becareful...

    last i heard Syntex - Belgium went out of business anyways...but you know i could be wrong...

    good luck

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    When you mention Masteron , are you referring to ** Masteron? As in Drostanolone propionate ? I'm assuming this is what you're talking about as the tren Masteron hasn't been around for ages.

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