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    Question my first cycle..needs answers

    Been lifting for 4 years now, doing my first cycle of deca /sus
    im currently at 5'9 - 175lbs good build, but room to improve of course

    cycle consists of:

    400mg - deca
    400mg - deca & 500mg - sustanon
    400mg - deca

    im at my 3rd now. havent seen any major strength gains. a bit more energetic on my workouts. dont know if its due to mental motivation or physically the juice is assiting me to workout a lil longer.
    my question is, when should i start seeing some results. im patient(waited 2 years before actually supplementing with steroids ) just want to know a time frame. i feel a bit bloaty, when should i start seeing the side effects: breakouts, bloating in the face, deca dick etc. ive been eating like a horse, easily stimulated, but find it more difficult then normal to achieve orgasm. is this normal? if anyone can answer my questions, it would be greatly appreciated

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    Sides will depend on the person(bloating, breakouts)

    Gains depend on the person as well, but I think you being in your third wk, you should start seeing something pretty soon.

    I'm in my 7th wk right ow and didn't see gains from the test for 4wks and didn't start seeing the EQ for 5wks.

    You probably won't get Deca Dick beacuse your supplementing test, but without A or L-dex, the bloat should set in anytime.

    More energy in the gym could be attributed to increased stramina from the gear. I felt a surge of stamina around wk2-3 on my cycle as well.

    All I can say is keep eatin like a mother flipper and be ready in a wk or so to start weighing in a little heavier.

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    pheedno hit it right on the nose bro. the cycle i'm running now is 500mg sust 400mg deca . i don't think you'll have a problem with deca dick. your question about orgasm is normal for me it is anyway. i'm quick to the punch, but i always have a problem sealing the deal.

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    Question Question to help me

    I received via internet some cycles that I can start to use, but I have a big question that I hope you can response, normally the Decadurabolin that I bought here in Mexico is of 50 mg, but all the cycles recomended 400mg per week, it can be risky or safety. It is my big question.


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