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    Why wait until natural gains stop?

    Hey guys,

    I don't want to sound ignorant of a lot of messages posted but why is it always the case that someone should wait until their natural gains have stopped before they start a cycle?

    As an example, say we have a 170 lb guy who hasn't reached his natural limits. If he uses gear, he will most likely gain quite a bit of mass and keep them b/c he hasn't exceeded his natural limit. Compare this to a 225 lb guy who is maxed for natural gains, goes on gear, gains a lot of mass, but then loses quite a bit to bring him back close to his natural limit?

    What is the reason for waiting so long? To prevent injuries? If someone is looking to gain mass quickly and not go through 2-3 years waiting for natural gains to stop and is willing to fork out the cash for gear, what's wrong with this?

    Again, I am not trying to be ignorant, but I just wanted to get everyone's opinion on this.

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    Because chances are if you can not build up to at least 200lbs naturally you probably are not as familiar with nutrition and exercise as you should be. The more you bring into the cycle the better chances you have at getting better gains and keeping them. How do you expect to be a 230lbs athlete but not know how to train like one? You will surely lose the gains eventually. Taking the time to learn your body naturally before running gear will only help you.

    The thought that mature muscles respond best to roid use is not proven - but the idea that a mature athlete responds best is.

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    First of all what you do and take post cycle is the reason you keep or lose gains not wheather or not you have done a cycle or not. Why juice when you can grow naturally first. Chances are if you have not reached your potential then you have not been training long enough and have no business taking juice in the first place.

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    The reason to grow naturally first is juice is supposed to be an aid in order to push yourself past your natural limits and attain the best physique you possibly can. It is not intended to be a shortcut to get out of building a solid natural base first. If you have a solid natural base and then juice, you will see much more satisfying results than if you use it as a shortcut to avoid building a solid natural base. Like durbin said, keeping your gains is based on how you maintain your diet/training post cycle as well as what you take in order to retain your gains post cycle.

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    I agree with the previous comment that was made. Juice should primarily be used as an aid. It's so easy to go the alternative route with gear in the hopes of building mass and muscle as fast as possible. It seems though that most people without a good natural base lose their gains as fast as they are achieved. Intense exercise elevates testosterone level and HGH levels. Unfortunately, some people don't see it that way. It's nothing wrong with wanting results immediately, but look at it this way, where will true strength and body structure be without the gear.

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