Finished this cycle a while ago but figured I'd post results. This is what the cycle looked like:
week 0-10 1.25mg finastride ed
week 1 40mg anavar ed, 2-8 30mg ed
week 2-8 100mg test prop eod
week 1-10 femara 1/4 tab ed

Clomid post cycle and I had to run some nolv in there cus gyno occurred, but it cleared up.

Basically I got some bad psychological effects from this cycle. I didn't like how the test made me think, it was sort of fucked up, but not so bad that I won't do it again. Overall weight went up 9lbs and bodyfat dropped about 3-4% so total the gain was about 14lbs of muscle roughly. I was very happy with the results. I was very vascular, had the hard look and got lots of mass, I got the best of both worlds.

My strength was through the roof, gained 20lbs per hand on dumbell bench press. Gained like 35lbs on one-legged leg ext, 35lbs on cable row, 25lbs per hand on dumbell incline press, 30lbs to my weighted dips, 15lbs to my preacher curls, 10lbs to my Arnold Press.

I did get post cycle work done and my cholesterol was a bit screwy but I was bridging with anavar at the time so I think that is what threw the tests off. Everything else was fine though. I kept all my gains pretty much. It was an expensive cycle but well worth it.

I also got some acne, a little hair thinning while on but about 4 weeks post cycle it seems like my hair is actually thicker than before the cycle, go figure. What else can I say about this cycle......the pumps were great, I found that taking 10mg of anavar in the morning, then 20mg about 30 minutes before I left for the gym was the best way to take the anavar.

For post cycle I ran clomid pretty standardly (300mg day 1, 100mg day 2-10, 50mg day 11-20). I also threw some creatine in at 5g daily for 5 or 6 weeks post cycle. Around week 4 I threw in 20mg of anavar ed, then week 5 I did 30 or 40mg of anavar ed (depending on the day, workout days I did 40mg).