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    Question question

    this is what I have lined up for my first cycle

    enathate 500mg week weeks 1 thru 10
    Deca -Durabolin 400mg week weeks 1 thru 10
    Dianabol 25/30mg day weeks 1 thru 4
    Nolvadex 20 mg day during the cycle to help reduce problems
    clomid post cycle
    300mg day 1
    100mg next 10 days
    50mg next 10 days

    now is there any other mass cycle
    that i could do that would be a little bit cheaper

    thanks for your time

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    If cost is a big factor I would suggest dropping the deca , since its your first cycle if your diet/training is on par you can make great gains on 500mg/wk test.

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