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    1st cycle with test questions help me out please

    this is my 1st cycle and i am getting test 250 20 ml

    how many shots a week, how long of cycle, and what is the best way to do it so i dont have to take clomid or novedex or somethin like that comin off of it

    how many pounds of lean mass u think i can gain and how much bf% will i drop

    i have a strict diet, train 6 days a week , and do cardio 5 times a week for 45 min each session

    i wieght 202 with 10-12 % bf

    thanks yall

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    ooooh, where to start. Since you're also a JP, I'll try to cover everything. First of all though, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, what are your goals???? How old are you, how long have you been working out??? These questions must first be answered.

    Also, there is no getting around the clomid thing. YOU NEED IT.

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    bro with the questions you asked i'd suggest to give jp1570 the info he asked for, then wait a few months before starting anything and just read.i see by your member # you have been here for awhile if you had been reading you could answer these questions
    you need clomid
    no one can tell how much you will gain--you just cant inject and grow --it depends on your eating,training and rest
    you will overtrain,even on gear,with what you have written---6 days a week lifting and 5 days cardio at 45min per is way too much training

    you got good stats espically for natural but i got my biggest (i'm 247 at 5'10" now) by dropping my training to 3 days per week.
    read and within a few weeks you will be ready

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