hello everyone,

Just a quick update on my cycle results. I hurt my shoulder about halfway through the cycle and I was not very productive for about 4wks. I also didnt eat enough. My cycle went like this:

wk 1-5 d-bol 40mg/ed
wk 1-17 t200 500mg/wk
wk 1-16 EQ 400mg/wk
wk 1-12 deca 300mg/wk(mainly to lube my joints)

The amounts aren't that large and I shortened my cycle by about 7-8wks because I wasnt responding to the gear like I should have. I will start a new cycle in JAN or FEB. Next cycle I will mix up the gear a little more. Short esters in the beginning and the end, and long esters in the middle. I will run it for about 24-30wks next time. I really like the TT gear in the beginning, but it seems to taper off the longer you run it. They are also underdosed. Human grade doesnt seem to do that to me. I gained about 16 solid pounds and Just a small amount of abdominal fat. Starting cardio in the AM to slim up a bit before next cycle. Overall, I would say not bad, but I have had better. IMHO, I believe you need more vet gear/dosage than you do human grade gear. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.