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    Oh what a happy day!

    Hey guys how is it going? Today was a great day for me. I got the last of what i needed for my cycle in (nolva) . I was so first REAL cycle will start tomorrow Here is what it will look like:
    1-10 QV Test Enathate 500mg EW
    1-10 QV EQ 400mg EW
    1-6 naps 35mg ed
    4-10 75 eod fina

    I am going to try to keep my calories up to the 6000-7000 range. I am going to eat very clean. No Junk!!! I will post daily how my cycle is going and how i am feeling that day. I have to appoligize for not posting that much on this board. I read it frequently but im not a common poster here. I will try to improve that. I am a common poster on It is ust hard to keep post up on both boards (i really enjoy both of them). Well guys, wish me luck.


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    not where I want to be
    good luck and have fun with it bro!!!

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    Good luck and have fun hitting 6-7k clean cals a day. I find it pretty tough to do that and usually eat a lot of junk in the process, but my metabolism balances it out

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