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Thread: my first cycle

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    Smile my first cycle

    well guys i had a good pan to show pictures and all and i had been taking pictures weekly.but my crappy pc crashed.. i may have some friends that can retrieve them i hope.. anyway im in my 4th week
    my cycle was 1-4 35mg d-bol ed 1-10 300mg deca QV ew the d-bol i had was the 50's and from what i read and heard it was a hit or miss type of deal... the problem i had was i did not get the munchys like i thought i would so therefore i couldnt eat as much as i needed. but in 3wks i stepped on the scale i started at 178# on week one.. week 3 i wieghed 186.9 so with that im still happy i love the way the deca has kicked in the end of my sets i seem to get that superman sendrum i can still push the wieght up another 3-4 times.. and then lay down and do it again even one -2 times again.. people have told me im getting a lil thicker..but of course i dont see it. and like all of you im already thinking of my next cycle.. it will be another bulking cycle.. but a lil dif. 1-4 5mg(nap) 1-10 sust250 1-10 400 deca with the antis of course.. well i hope to find my pics ifr not hell i know i have some of me from the past.. then i will show you after the intire cycle... i have always been thin but my objective is to look in the mirror and feel good about what i see.. and thanks to the support of all of yall out the this is happening.. thanks again for all the help and i will keep you updated.. hopfully with pics...
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    Allright OLD MAN!!!!!!!! Next cycle you better start eating your ass off or I am going to kick your ass! I think if you up the decca to 400 and throw in the Test with it, you will have much better results!!

    I start my cycle monday....just watch me turn into a BEAST!

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