I have heard so many positive words about **'s prop/suspension that i might give it a try. I need mass cycle before next summer, but i will do cutting cycle too. My scheulde would be better if i would do shorter mass cycle instead of that 12 week cycle i posted earlier.

1-6 prop/susp 200mged
1-6 tren 80mg ed
1-6 dbol 50mged
1-9 arimidex 0,5ed
7-9 clomid

I would add some priaction too to increase my appetite. I would be happy if i would go from 220 to 245 with this cycle and would maintain 240lbs after. Is 15lbs lean muscle unrealistic from this cycle? Also like 40-50lbs to bench press would be nice and i know possible.

I also was wondering that would it be ok to run short estesrs longer than 6 weeks, like 8 weeks? Also i would love to add 50mg winny to this stack, but i know it might be hard on liver.... But hey 50mg winny+50mg dbol cant be harder than 100mg anadrol , or can it?