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Thread: When to inject

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    Question When to inject

    I'm going to do 500mg of Sustanon per week, now do I inject all 500mg on Monday or do I inject 250mg every third day? Same thing with the Deca , all 400mg on Monday or 200 mg every third day? Do I pyramid the D-Bol or do I just start taking 35mg/day and then taper off during weeks 5-6? Should I be taking more D-Bol? 5,000 i.u. HCG every 5 days, 3 days after my last shot of Deca and Sust? Then 300mg clomid 3 weeks after last shot of Deca&Sust followed by 100mg/day for 10 days then 50mg/day for 7days? Clenbuterol for the entire time on the Clomid(anti-catabolic)? What do you think of my cycle

    1-4 35mg D-Bol/day 5-6 20mg D-Bol/day
    1-10 250mg Sustanon every third day
    1-10 200mg Deca every third day
    Three days after last inject, 5,000i.u. HCG every 5 days
    Three weeks after last inject 300mg clomid then 100mg/dat for 10 days
    50mg/day for 7 days

    50mg Proviron /day + 20mg Novaldex/day Starting on week 8 until end
    Keep extra on hand just in case of gyno or water retention.
    Let me know. Thanks.

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    Woops, I didn't realize where I was posting this thread. Probably should have posted it in the Questions Forum. Sorry.

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