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    Test C , drol/dbol cycle..

    this is my 4th cycle and i've done , Test E , Prop, Winny, Deca , Dbol ,..
    6'1 205lb 12%..

    Im on week 2 of Test C and 1st week 2:1 drol/dbol combo.
    i'll be running test for 12 weeks and drol/dbol at 50/30 for 4 weeks. i'll be adding HCG 600iu/wk starting week 3 till right before pct..

    Today is 4th day of drol/dbol combo and still havent seen anything yet.. I just got out of the gym and strength was the same as before i started it.. hopefully i see something by next week tho=(

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    no need to use dbol and drol at same time better off using drol for a few weeks and then switching to dbol. if is a good quality brand u have u should feel them pretty quick.

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