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    Question first cycle help

    I am 21 years old, 5'11", 155lbs. I have been working out off and on for about 3 years. I am a perfect example of a hard gainer. I have wasted money on pretty much every legal supplement . I have been researching AS for a while mainly on this site. But I am still confused on what to take for my first cycle. I am looking to gain mass and strength, with no more than 1 injection p/w, but with the research i read so far I dont want to take D-bol because of toxicity. I was thinking deca and sust, but i dont want to take sust EOD. and im still partial to deca because im worried about future piss tests ( if i switch jobs or something). So i was thinking EQ and winny or something like that. and of course noval. and clomid. i dont want to go too extreme for my first cycle but want to make impressive gains.

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    First off, you won't get tested for steroids in a normal job environment. And EQ is sort of like deca , as it has a tendency to stay in your system for a while too - just not as long.

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    ttgb200 I think your still to young, and inaddition you should read more threads and think it over. I think If you really train hard for at least 2 more years and get your diet right you will gain. Dont go for the quick easy muscle. I was a hard gainer for years until I hit like 25 began to train and eat better. I hadnt touch any gear until now and Im 30.
    So no ruch my friend just read and ask questions for now and train.

    Take care


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