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    first time cycle help

    i am 22 years old, 5'4, 175 pounds. been lifting hard for a while now. 17 inch arms. max bench 350. looking to try something new. i was thinking of just using deca durabolin for my first cycle, injections of like 200 mg a week. for approximately 8 weeks, what kind of results would i obtain from this kind of cycle? is it okay to just use one injectable without using an oral also? also what should i use something for when im coming off to prevent bitch tits. keep in mind i have never used any andros/pro hormones or anabolic steriods before. i would like to do one cycle to put alot of mass on and strength, i want to keep as much of my gains as possible. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks guys.

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    You seem to be pretty big and strong congrats! As far as a cycle 200mg ew of just deca is a waste. Here is a very basic yet effective beginners cycle.
    Test Enanthate 500mg ew 1-12
    Deca 400mg ew 1-12
    Dbol 30-40 mg ed 1-4
    Clomid starting week 15 300mg day 1 100mg for 10 days 50 mg for 10 days, plus keep some nolva on hand just in case.

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    sd11 has a preaty good cycle for ya!

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    You have been lifting for a "while" now ?
    No offence but I would do "while" more before using AAS

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    I think sd11 is on to something there. I dont think you'd be happy with a Deca only cycle. Deca is a great compliment roid when combined with some kind of test also great for joints. im on test c/human deca right now and lovin it, even though it's simple.

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    I've done a Deca only cycle as my 1st a few years back. I'm 5'7", 150lbs. Then I was a little heavier and ran the Deca @ 250 for 10 weeks with only mild results (the fact that it was a Brovel product probably didn't help). Looking back, I would have added something like SD suggested.


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