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Thread: Quick question

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    Quick question

    I'm taking Decanoate 200mg, and I was wondering how much gain I would get from a 10 week cycle, I haven't seen any forums with just deca , I'm a lightweight but I'll gradually get up there sometime. I'm taking one step @ a time. And afterward, I was wondering for no loses, what should I be taking, I'm justing looking for a good cycle and finish off without any loses.


    P.S. Anybody can private message me if they want.

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    chinups Guest
    Clomid is a def. for post cycle. I am all about low dosage for beginers but the rest of the board will say u need more.

    Bump for the big boys

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    Should of done a lot more reseach, that's a poor cycle imo!

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    let me get this straight?? i have some questions bro. did you start your cycle and you have no post therapy supp's.?? also your running the deca just by itself???

    IMO= your not taking one step at a time at all, it looks to me you dove into the pool head first without knowing how deep the pool was.

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    Next week the d-bol is coming in, I started early with the deca . Yeah, I know I should of waited and did d-bol first.

    But about the post therapy supp's, I have no idea, that's why I came to ask you guys

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