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Thread: d-bol and sus

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    d-bol and sus HELP!

    OK guys need help with this cycle. next winter i will start bulking with:
    Wks 1-8 (maybe ten weeks) Sus 500mg wk
    Wks 1-6 D-bol 40mg per day

    1. I know to start clomid 3 weeks after last sus shot, but at what dosages should i run it.
    2. Would running nolvadex during cycle help keep water weight down? if so, when to start, how long to run, and at what dosages.
    3. Also, could i run the d-bol at 50mg per day? or is that too much?

    thanks guys,
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    I would look into getting a single ester test if I was you or I'd divide the sust into 3 shots per week like m/w/f, either way I'd run it longer than 8 weeks. If you haven't used dbol before 50mg is too much for your first time I think you'll be fine with 30-40mg ed for weeks 1-4. Yes nolvadex does keep water weight down, but IMO I wouldn't run it during this cycle I would just have it on hand to play safe. As for your clomid run it 300mg day 1, 100mg next 10 days, and 50mg for 10 more.

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