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    Opinions on this cycle

    Hey guys, I am 23, 5ft 6" 150lbs and have done 3 cycles in the past which all consisted of dianabol , sust and deca . Anyways I am preparing for my next cycle in April....

    Dianabol - 25mg/daily wks 1-4

    Deca - 300mg/wk wks 1-10

    Sustanon - 400mg/wk wks 1-8

    Eq- 400mg/wk wks 3-12

    clomid post cycle;

    I do have a few questions, everyone has mixed opinions when using deca and eq in the same mix what do you think?? Also I have been considering upping the sust. to 600mg a week?? and does anyone recommend I take HCG aswell as clomid post cycle?? Has anyone else done this stack or something somewhat similar to this and how were your gains?? Anyways any input can help.

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    1. I would pick either deca or eq
    2. If this is going to be your 4th time running deca/sust/dbol I would up the dose on dbol to 30-40mg ed, the sust to 750mg and shoot it m/w/f, and the deca to 400mg
    3. I would also run the deca and sust for 12 weeks
    4. If you pick eq over deca, run it at 400mg for 12 weeks
    5. I'm not a big fan of HCG , but that's JMO
    6. Keep some nolva on hand
    7. Not a flame bro, but you seem really light for having completed 3 cycles

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    why stop the sust b/f the deca ?
    1-4 d-bol 35-40mg/ed
    1-12 sust 500-750mg/week
    1-12 deca 400-500mg/week
    clomid & nolva on hands and hcg if you wanna
    skip the eq and save it for a rainy day/ or a cutter
    my two cc

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    This is off the topic, but you said you have done 3 cycles in the past so this would be your fourth one. What weight did you start out at??
    cause your only 150lbs?? Maybe you should be considering something else before your next cycle starts?? just my opinion!! Not unless you started out at 100lbs, then I would be saying great job!!

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