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    SUS/DBOL/FINA ques???

    well i'm a little excited bout my new stack but am curious as to how much weight and how much of my gains am i looking at to keep after this cycle: wk 1-5 dbol (increasing dosages evry week)
    wk1-10 sus 500mg ew (250mg every sun and wed)
    wk8-13 finaplex w/dsmo (10 pills ed)
    i tried but couldn't get my hands on any clomids at all, so is there anything else i can take to replace clomid or help with my post cycle????
    if anyone has any info please help i don't wanna crash and i definitely want to keep my gains.....thanks

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    If you dont want to crash or you want to keep your gains, then dont start your cycle without clomid or nolva. but if you want to lose all those hard earn gains and you dont like sex and want to be shut down like a you never been before, then go ahead with the cycle!
    my two cc

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