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Thread: cutting fat

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    cutting fat

    i am 6.1' i weight 235 lbs my bf is about 18% i am currently on a dbol /test/deca cycle at the end of the cycle i think i will be 250lbs my question is can cutt my bf to 12% using fatburners after the cycle and keep my weight at 250lbs by using roids??

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    Post cycle, run your Clomid therapy as per the usual, Clenbuterol is a common agent used at the end of a stack to help keep gains.

    it is a beta-2 androgen, which will basically force your muscle to not break down the protien as quickly, this way you can keep eating and wont LOOSE muscle hopefully!

    also it is a great fat burner...2weeks on 2 weeks off is the most common method, with hydroxycut.

    Dont run it longer than 8-10 weeks.

    This should keep you 10 weeks post cycle, which is a little over 2 months...i'd guess you'd drop back down to 240ish maybe 245 if your diet is spot on!



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