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    need expert help on cycle

    hay fellas have just a few questions iv'e been training for about 2 years im 23 5'8" 139pds about 7-9%bf ive hit before but not on a consitant basis my connect moved and we lost contact. im more than motivated i love the sport. my Question is i was thinking of starting off with deca first 200mg then gradually 400mg per wk for 6 weeks and or stack sust250 1xwk or primo 1oomg 1xwk and maybe some clen not sure on that my goal is to gain about 10-15pds or more and keep a good amount. and also shound i take anti estr with this cycle or is it safe not to please help any suggestions

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    No need to post in two different forums bro.

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    You did the same thing i did,, signed up and started to ask questions that have been asked and answered many times. Try and do a few searches. Not many people will agree on staggering the deca , and they will probable encourage you to include test with any cycle, and certainly with deca. And i do not think i have read a thread here from an educated person who did not include anti E's in a cycle or after a cycle.
    Again the best advice i could give you is to read everyday and to search any question before hand, it will make things much easier for you.

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    Agreed with Stetson, but also note that you'll need to run Sust250 more then 1x a week to see results, more like 2-3x a week, some do eod. good luck.

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    if you're only at 139 pounds naturally i think you have some more training to do before considering steroids .

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