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    10mg D-bol bridge results

    My first experience with a 3 week AM D-bol bridge:

    The low dose (10mg/ed) in the morning did wonders for catabolism... If there was any bloating it wasn't noticable. Strength was up a fair amount. Body weight was steady.

    Cum turned extremely watery, a sign of absence of sperm in the semen I believe. I was only on for three weeks and after I stopped the bridge I crashed. Semen went back to being viscous again after a week. Strength went DOWN. Weight went DOWN. Mood swings and 'generally feeling like a woman with PMS' went UP like mad. This would be thanks to low natural test levels and an excess amount of estrogen in the system. Even though I didnt experience much bloating, I guess water retention and aromatization were still a big issue here.

    By the way, before starting this bridge I was clean off my last Deca cycle clean for a couple months. Yes, I did take clomid. It seems that this bridge didn't do much other than shut me down more.

    It's now been a good three weeks since I am done with the bridge and the catabolic state seems to be subsiding. Strength is gradually increasing again, although my weight is still shit (down 5 lbs since I came off d-bol). I am going to try the natural route before my next cycle (won't be for awhile yet...), no more bridging for me.
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