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    Lightbulb First cycle please check!!!

    Hey, im 19 years old 5'7 168 pounds about 10% body fat, im small framed but i think ive been doin pretty good with gaining weight.
    Ive been workin out since i was 15 at home untill i could join the gym at 16, since then i been work real hard almost every day

    I wanted to try out my first cycle
    test prop-100mg,EOD/wk-2-12
    winny-100mg pill form/wk-8-12
    and clomid after

    im workin
    day1..chest,back(10min of cardio just to warm up)
    day2..Cardio for 25 min, abs, light legs
    day3..Bis, tris forearm(10 min of cardio warm up)
    day4..Legs, abs, cardio 15min(lower back on dead lifts)
    day5..sholders(another 10 mincardio )
    day6..sleep and eat every thing i see
    day7..thinkin about startin some yoga(if all goes well and i like it ill prob throw it in 2 to 3 times a week

    i take around 20 grams of glut a day
    170 grams of protein, and try to stick to the 3:1 ratio
    the protein shakes i got, has tons of aminos in it says its equal to 4 servings of the BCAA in one serving of the protein shake(least what it says) called protein revolution , the one with simion rice on it(DE from tampa bay bucs)
    fish oild
    and daily regimen vitamins(formula V-75, if you know what they are)

    im hoping for about 15 pounds of soild gain(mass is good but i dont really care to much about it, id rather have just straight out freakish strength and not look like it)
    get my body fat to around 8%

    Please help me out and give me some pointers, would help alot!!!!
    ps. sorry if i spell stuff wrong

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    1 - you're too young

    2 - if you've been doing good with gaining weight, then there's no need for a cycle. half the reason you're gaining weight is because you're getting older and you're still growing.

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    At that weight and age you could gain at least 50lbs naturally before anabolic are needed. This way you might actually live to see middle age

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    no kidding...wait a few more years buddy when your natural test levels go down. You dont need that yet...youre just likely to have problems combining synthetic test with your already naturally high test levels.

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