hey i made a post befor about a cyle for me but every one told me that i was to young so im gonna wait out on it

but my buddy who 21, doesnt use a computer ( idunno hes a weird guy)
so i told him about the site and he wants me to post his cycle and get some help with it

his stats are

he wants to shead some body fat but mostly he wants strenght
he doesnt wanna mess around with test, b/c hes tried it befor when he was 19 and had horrible acne from it as well as the flu,
he did
10 week of sust at 250mg

his new cycle is
deca 400mg EW/wk1-10
Dbol 200mg(4 pills a day) ED/wk4-5
winny 100mg ED(pill form) ED/wk8-13

hes running the winny till week 15 so he can take the clomid as soon as its out of his system(im sure you all know this but his standing behind me and is anoying me to type it)

his question is with the Dbol-is it good as it is, or should he put it at the end of his cycle liek the winny in order to take the clomid right after, or does it not matter