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    Unhappy True Newbie Plz Help

    Hello fellas, i'm new to this site so I need all the help I can get. First off I know nothing about steroids , I have no idea how to cycle and what! I am a true newbie to this subject.

    Now that, that is over with I need help with a first cycle. What do I need to take, when, how often, I need to know everything.

    My bio is i'm 20 yrs old, 6'1-6'2, 225 lbs, 15%-18% bf, and I carry most of my weight around my middle. I'm moderately strong, bench is around 270 my deadlift is near 350 and I work out with 225 on squat. Not much to go by I know but I need everyones expertise in setting up my cycle..

    Thanks guys
    Plz help me out!

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    Research is key then if you plan on doing a cycle. You must know the ins and the outs of steroids . Don't jump into the deep end before you know how to swim. AR has an awesome archieve of threads and posts, this is where you should garner a lot of your attention for the next couple of months. You'll be happy for it.


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    RESEARCH, do it yourself and then when you think you know what you are talking about post a cycle for us to comment on. We will help you out but not do the work for you.


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    look under the educational threads bro.

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    Actually the only thing I was planning on taking for my first cyce was Finaplix . I've read up on it and it's relatively easy to get a hold of and not bad of a cost. I more or less didn't know if I should threw something else in with the cycle like Test. That's really all I need to know. But i'll read up more! Sorry but i'm a quick learner.


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