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Thread: fix my cycle

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    fix my cycle

    I am 22, this will be my first cycle. I have been on here for days and have changed my mind several times. My goals are to put on good lean mass without losing my shape. I am very well cut. My stats are 5 11, 165lbs, and 6-7% body fat. I've been training hard for about 1 1/2 years, about 3 altogether.

    I have come up with this cycle see what you think
    EQ 400mg 1-10
    Test Enan 500mg 1-10
    winny 50mg eod 7-12
    clomide day after last winny shot 300mg day 1, 100mg next 10, 50mg next 10

    What do yall think the wait gain would be around, and would you do anything diff

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    i prefer test cyp over test looks good bro..i would extend the winny till week 13...i also prefer to wait 2 days after my last winny shot to take clomid...Madmax...

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    If I were you I would use a short acting ester like test prionate at 50-75mg ed to jumpstart your cycle and get your levels high within a couple days. And then your 9th week stop the ethanate and use prop again to finish it so you can have a quick recovery and keep your gains....the reason for it being on the 9th week is because it takes 3 weeks to get test eth out of your body and prop only a few days. Heres a suggestion.

    75mg ED prop
    500mg Test Eth
    400mg Eq
    75mg ED prop
    50mg ED winny
    Clomid etc

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