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Thread: Big Question

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    Big Question

    Not really a big question but only way to get people to look

    Im startin Capawata (not how it really is spelled but if i spelled it right you wouldnt know what the hell i was talkin about) in June, befor i go i wanted to start some Pylemtric(cant spell it) training. Does any one know of any good web sites and or books i can see to learn some more, i know some of the basic but id like to know more. By the way if you dont know what Capawata is its a brazilian fighting style, there was a move about it called only the strong most people know it from that.


    i know this should be on the Edu. thread but for some reason it wont let me post on that page

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    wish i could point you in the right direction but im afraid i cannot. but i will say good luck to you and i think that its a badass style. prolly because i like breakin so much, but seriously, stick with it! my friend has been learning for a few years and watching him go is just the shit! keep at it and good luck!


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