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    starting new cycle

    as of today Im 5'10 173lbs 14%body fat.
    wk 1-10 400mg eq
    wk 1-10 400mg cyp
    50 mg proviron ed
    wk 3-5clenb
    wk 6-8cyto
    wk 8-13 100mg winny eod
    wk 13-15 50 mg clomid/ 20 nolv ed.

    does this look right ,enough to put on a solid 20lbs and keep most of it

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    if you want to put on 20 pounds from the eq/test then why are you going to be running weight loss drugs during crucial points in your cycle? clen and t3 will cut you up, however you won't have 20 pounds to show by the end of week 10 if you start using them on week 3. i would use them after cycle but keep the winny in (50 mg ED as opposed to 100 EOD). you need all the cals you can get, so by using the weight loss drugs starting week 8 with the winny you will see better results and potentially more lean mass gains.

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    exactly what daem said ...he summed it up .peace

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