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    How is this CYCLE???

    OK i am starting a new cycle for summer. I was thinking of running DBOL , TEST and EQ i also have CLEN and CLOMID for the end of the cycle. How does this cycle look?

    WEEK 1-4 DBOL 30mg
    WEEK 1-10 EQ 400mg
    WEEK 1-10 TEST 400mg
    WEEK 10-11 CLOMID 100mg
    WEEK 11-13 CLOMID 50mg
    WEEK 10-13 CLEN 20mcg x 4 tabs a day

    20 Years Old
    5'7 - 175lbs

    1-5 WEEKS 30mg DBOL
    1-10 WEEKS SUS 500mg
    1-4 WEEKS DBOL 25-30mg
    1-8 WEEKS DECA 300mg

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    hmm...grove up

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    Since you've used test before at 500mg ew and dbol twice before at 30mg ed I think you should bump them both up a little. I would also run the eq for at least 12 weeks and therefore the test as well. You also have to wait 3 weeks after your last test/eq shot before you start clomid, and your running it wrong.

    1-4 dbol 40mg ed
    1-12 test 500mg ew
    1-12 eq 400mg ew
    week 15 start clomid 300mg day1, 100mg 10 days, 50mg 10 more

    Also run your clen at 2on/2off using eca on the off weeks.

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