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    Smile Need help with Cycle!!! Help please

    I need some help with my cycle. I'm 27yrs old 5'9 160lbs I did to 2 cycles a year ago with anadrol and deca and got good results.
    Looking to gain lean mass fast.

    I have the following I can get.

    Deca Durabolin
    Deppo Test


    Please give me some good cycles with what I have to get some good fast results.

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    good fast results? is a minimum of 10 weeks fast enough for you?

    of those options i would run the eq with the depo test as the gains you will see will be leaner and make you look harder overall. the deca /anadrol /dbol are all going to make you blow up in mass but it won't all be lean.

    cycle the eq/test like this

    weeks 1-12 eq 400mg/wk
    weeks 1-12 test 100mg/EOD

    doing any of these juices is going to require time, dedication, and a good diet to see results...the fast thing is bugging me...anyone who knows anything about juice understands that it isn't some miracle but rather a tool to help you get the job done in the gym. if you are going to be digging a hole, you can get a machine to use to dig it or shovel it yourself...some people would equate the juice to the machine, but rather it is the shovel...get it?

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    Not sure - move a lot.
    Need mass fast = poor planning from the get go.

    If you want to seriously grow I'd even extend it to 12-16 weeks to really let the AS do it's 'magic'.... Hopefully by fast you mean within the year and not simply "before summer time".

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    wk1-4 dbols 35 mgs \
    wk1-10 deca 400 mg\
    wk1-10 test depot 500 mg\
    3 weeks after last shot use clomid and nolvadex and proviron if needed.peace

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