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Thread: started cycle!

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    rockman is offline New Member
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    Jan 2003

    Unhappy started cycle!

    started the second week of cycle so far so good
    picked up a little more gear, 1-10 sus 500mg india(INFAR)
    6-10 deca (SPECTRO-LABS).Also picked up some nolva\clomid.
    people say sus hurts but i felt a tingle in the glute and thats it.
    A cold just hit me but i dont know if that is the sus.I know the deca is to low and a short cycle but its either this or 1cc a week.
    to refresh everyones memory 142lbs\5'8\31years old.\second cycle!

    will keep you posted!

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    Feb 2002
    why are u only doing deca for 5 weeks?? don't u know it takes about 5 weeks to kick in??

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    rockman is offline New Member
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    Jan 2003
    I only have a 10cc bottle of deca ,I think 1cc a week is low,so I up it to 1.5cc for 6 weeks which would give me a total of 9cc.Calidude sus has
    decanoate in it,but if you have different way of doing it with what i have I'm all ears!Feb 28 was my second shot nothing is to late for change.

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