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    Cycle for putting on a nice amount of lean mass

    I want to maybe do a show next year so I was told not to do deca . What do you think about this one. I am 5'10 185 Right now(been dieting) Around 6-8 BF

    TTtokio Boldenon(Eq) 200mg/cc
    100 mg eod week 1-10
    Test prop 100 Eod For 20 days(one bottle)
    Test Enth 250mg wk 1-3 500mg 4-10
    Winny 50 ed 7-11
    Clomid Week 12-14 150-100-50

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    give us ur cycle history
    hey bro ok i will recomend this one:
    PROP 50mg ED
    EQ weeks 1-12 400mg EW
    TEST EN. week 1-12 500 mg EW
    WINNY weeks 9-15 50mg ed
    clomid 2 days after last winny shot..........JMO

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    Feb 2003
    i did 200 deca ever 4 days for 5 shots (20 days)
    and a bottle of ara test 250 mg every 4 days (40 days)
    as you can see it was a tiny cycle and i didnt know much better
    but i gained 19 pounds and i have been leaning out since. Most was solid muscle because I am now 12 pounds heavier and 4 percent less body fat. I dont hold much water or anything. Or atleast not first time around

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