Whats goin on im 23 5'9 175 pounds around 9%BF,been training 6 years and i think im about ready to hit up my first cycle i wanna get around 15 20 pounds but nice lean mucle. I dont really wanna fuck around with to much test cause even when i take 4ad i break out like a mofo. The deca dick dont bother me cause i have a GF thats away for a semester in england, but shes gonna be home aroudn the 8 or 9 week of the cycle so im throwin in some test there, so if you could take a look would be help full
Test prop-100 Eod/wk8-10
Dbol -40mg.ED/wk2-4 (to jump start but im not sure if im gonna yet stil thinking)

arimidex -.25eod/wk 2-12
(got a better deal on 10 weeks for some reason and figure deca dont kick in till the 4th week so its not a big deal)

clomid post