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Thread: Just Started

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    Post Just Started

    Well I just played buttdarts for the first time yesterday, my roommate is a competing BB'er and I have always been in good shape just never decided to go for it. Now I have
    I am gonna be doing sust 250 every 6 days for 10 weeks, and dbol 20-35-20 for the first 4 weeks, Win 50 starting week 3 with clomid chaser at the end for the maintenance. I keep saying that I am only gonna do 1 cycle, course everyone that I know that is gassed says, yeah that is what I said ha. well I will keep everyone utd on my progress. Wish me luck

    current stats
    29 inch waist
    need to do more measurements

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    Re: Just Started

    Originally posted by TBone27
    Well I just played buttdarts for the first time yesterday, my
    You play buttdarts with your roommate, whatever man that is your personal thing. JK Bro Welcome to the board.

    Tons of info on the board. Enjoy


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    buttdarts huh?

    is that what they call it now? you must have loved slepaway camp as a kid,haha.just playing bro. welcome to the insanity

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