Ok here are my stats: Age- 22 Weight-200 ( just came off 2 knee surgerys...lost 30 lbs bc i was out for 8 weeks...im back and cleared to work out again!!!!) Nothing is wrong with my knee either, they just had to take out some tissue...so thats really good!!! Ok here is what i have:

2 vials of 10ml of QV prop at 100mg/ml
1 vial of 50ml of QV test ethanate at 250mg/ml
2 vials of qv deca at 300mg/ml

Here is what i was thinking about doing...please critique my cycle!!
weeks 1-6 100mg of prop EOD
weeks 1-10 600mg of deca per week
weeks1-10 1,000mg of test ethanate per week
will be taking .25mg of arimidex EOD..have clomid and hcg for post cycle
was thinking about ordering some winny too for the end of my cycle to help me keep my gains...is this a good idea and should i run prop with my winny again??