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    Fkitletsgo's Transformation

    Alright brother's started today with a newly refreshed outlook and new plan. I will keep this first post short and sweet to give you guys an ouline of what's in store for the next few months. it goes

    Starting Stats: 6'2 282lbs 20-22% b/f

    Goal after 16 weeks: 250-260lbs 8-12% b/f

    Current training split- 3 rest days over 12 day training period (basically it takes me 11 days to work my entire body. Heavy weights extreme form

    day 1- delts
    day 2- triceps
    day 3- rest
    day 4- biceps
    day 5- legs
    day 6- traps
    day 7- rest
    day 8- chest
    day 9- calves forearms
    day 10- back
    day 11-rest
    day 12 starts over with day 1....


    day 1- 30 minutes low impact first thing in morning
    day 2- same as day 1
    day 3- cardio first thing in morning as well as later that evening
    day 4-same as day 1
    day 5- same as day 1
    day 6- same as day 1
    day 7- same as day 3
    day 8- same as day 1
    day 9- same as day 1
    day 10- same as day 1
    day 11-same as day 3

    Supplements- creatine, ala, taurine, multi vitamin, maltodextrin/dextrose, protein powder ( whey).

    fat burner supps- xenoplex (eca) 2 wks on 2 wks off
    clenbuterol 2 wks on 2 wks off

    Alternative supplementation- will begin cycle which I will outline in later post. the cycle will begin approx 2 weeks from date

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    sample daily nutritional plan

    This Nutritional layout is an exact estimate of my daily macronutrient and calorie intake. This meal is a sample and is modeled off of Jay Cutler's cutting regimen for precontest.

    Meal 1. 7:00 a.m-(30 min after cardio session)
    6 egg whites
    50 grams oats
    four slices fat-free turkey bacon

    Meal 2. 10:00 a.m-
    protein shake with water

    Meal 3. 12:00 p.m-
    Turkey Sandwich piled with meat - only 1 slice of whole wheat bread
    Avocado peels and olive
    Small salad with fat-free dressing

    Meal 4. 2:30 p.m-
    Protein Drink with 35 grams of maltodextrin

    Meal 5. 5:00 pm- (pre-workout)
    Cottage cheese

    Train at 6:00

    Meal 6. 7:00 (postworkout)
    protein shake and 1 serving of cell tech

    Meal 7. 8:00-
    tilapia or chicken breast or lean meat with steamed veggies

    Meal 8. 11:00
    time released protein shake with water and 1 tbsp peanut butter

    totals= 300 grams protein and 2,800 calories

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    Shit dude, you think i am a big guy at 6'1 225(now) you are a freakin' monster and with that program you will be one lean mean ass kickin' machine

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    everything looks in check to split looks good and full of rest with those rest days every 2 or 3 workouts...cardio every day is what i am currently doing now since i want my abs to turn heads come summer time...i definitely think it is possible for you to lose a bunch of weight, however losing 10-12% bf might be a little lofty even with proper nutrition and clen /cardio over 16 weeks...that is around .75% every week, which IMO will be difficult to maintain especially once you drop around 6% of it. your body will initially be hit hard with everything and you will see great results quick, but then they may taper a bit and be a bit hard to notice week to week...i wish you the best of luck and we definitely want to see what kind of results this gets you

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    Jesus H Christ bro, you're big enough allready. You're going to turn into a God.

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