G'Day Guys,

planning on doing a 8 week cycle of sus250 only. Can not get hold of clomid / nolvadex but can get 2 amps of HCG from a mate (1500 UG).

Plan on doing the below:-

1 250
12 250
22 250
30 250
37 250
44 250
59 250
68 250

I don't have any anti e's. In the past my cycles have been limited to 4-5 weeks due to this reason. Have tried upto 500MG of sus250 a week but i get to puffy (water retention), at 250MG a week i look more cut. Only symtoms in the past have been itchy nipples and shruken nuts. Past cycles have been weekly injections of 250MG for 4-5 weeks.

My doc supplies me with the sus250 but won't hand out clomid / nolvadex. I know this is weird but it the only way i can get hold of sus in Australia. I have tried everything in getting clomid / nolvadex but no use. Can not import it as no one is shipping to Australia and customs here is way to strict.

Would pymamiding work better to keep the gains, or should i stick to short cycles. Is it worth taking 2 injections of HCG on completion or would this increase the chances of getting bitch tits???

My stats are as flws:-

age 28
BF 12%
Height 165
Weight 156LB

Current lifts
Bench 313.50LB
Deadlift 456.50LB
Squats 352 LB

Short arms

Go Heavy or Go Home!!!!!!!!!