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Thread: take a look

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    take a look

    hey, ive been stuck at the same weight for about 4 months and i think i ready to take my first cycle.

    goal: 20 pounds of muscle, mybe lose a lill body fat for the beach but no biggie(but gettin rid of the love handles would be nice)

    BF%:around 9 to 10
    training:6 years

    i just picked up some deca 200ml/mg three 10mg bottles pins plunger and clomid for $300, ive come to notice deca isnt a fav. on this board but since its my first cycle and alot of people have been happy with deca only first cycles im gona try it.

    im pickin up some arimidex and some nova. soon

    i wanna throw in some test prop because ive read so many good things about it on the board, and will help wiht the deca dick but im not really sure where to put it

    and i can get winnie with out a prob if any one thinks i should throw it in there too

    Deca-800 EW/wk-1
    400 ew/wk2-12
    test prop????????

    And yes by the way i have been doin my research im just lackin exp. so help would be nice

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    def throw winstrol in brother
    run it like this
    wk 1-10 deca 400 mgs
    wk1-10 test 500 mgs
    wk 8-13 winstrol 50 mg eod/ed
    and 2 days after last shot start your anti estrogens..peace

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