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Thread: eq/winny

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    I originally wanted to do a eq/winny cycle after i was finished bulking to cut and get the vascularity effect that this cycle offers. The problem is my bulk should be done this weekend and I am only halfway to my goal i was wondering if I could see some muscle gains with this cycle and eating as if i was bulking because the Eq will increase my appetite if its possible to gain about 8 pounds of muscle while losing some body fat? since I am half way where i want to be for bulking i dont need or want to throw test in there for an additional 20-30 pounds of muscle so dont reply with anything about test. I was just wondering what are the possibilities of gains with an eq/winny cycle if i kept eating like a bulk. Remember I know test is the foundation of every cycle but for what i'm trying to do right now i would just like info on this cycle, no comments about test, thanks guys
    My cycle would look like this

    Week 1-2 : Eq/front load 600-800mg/week
    Week 3-10:EQ 400mg/week, oral winny 50mg

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    not where I want to be
    well, for 1 thing I would not run the winny for that long. 6 weeks max in my opinion. and the second thing I have to say is that if you only want 8 pounds you really dont need the AAS. IMO anything less than 20lbs is attainable with hard work and dedication. Im not flamming you thats just my .02

    Now, I also dont think you need to front load the eq, just run it at 400mg for the 10 weeks. I know you dont want test but consider prop in the first few weeks. Its a short ester so you wont need to run it long and it will keep bloat down. With a good diet you could put on 10-20 pounds of lean muscle (while maintaining a cut look) with that cycle.

    One other AAS you may consider is tren . Fina winny eq would make a great cutting stack imo.

    good luck to ya. i hope i was of some assistance


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    Yeah I agree on not useing winny for that long. 6 weeks is good or maybe you can do 5 weeks. The EQ is a long acting drug so use 400mg for 10 weeks and that stuff will still be working at weeks 12 and 13. Have you ever used any dbol or decca? See with me I can use dbol and decca and not get bloated at all. I with my body acutaly lean out and ripp up, but hey that is me not you and we are all diffrent. Let me know how that EQ and winny works out. I never used either one and i would love to hear how it turns out for you.

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    what exactly does winstrol do for you? I would like to know since im clueless on roids at his time?

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