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    Cycle Results - GOOD TO BE BACK ON AR!

    What's up guys,
    BEEN a LONG while since I've been back on AR. But for numerous reasons (family, school and other priorities) my time and focus had to be located elsewhere.

    Here's the breakdown of my cycle I finished up a few weeks ago...

    Weeks 1-10 - 500mg Sust/400mg Deca
    Weeks 1-4 - 30mg D-Bol ED
    Weeks 11-14 - 50mg Fina EOD (exitload)

    After last inject - Clomid Therapy...

    16" Arms
    25" Quads
    32" Waist
    16" Calves

    Max Bench - 250 x 1
    12 Rep Bench - 165 x 12
    Clean And Jerk - 155 x 3
    Squat - 405 x 1
    Barbell Curl - 95 x 1
    Close Grip Bench - 155 x 3
    One Arm Dumbell Curl - 45 x 3
    Dumbell Shoulder Press - 75 x 3
    Overhead Dumbell Tricep - 80 x 3
    Deadlift - 275 x 1

    18" Arms
    27" Quads
    35" Waist
    17" Calves

    Max Bench - 325 x 1
    12 Rep Bench - 225 x 12
    Clean And Jerk - 225 x 1
    Squat - 495 x 1
    Barbell Curl - 135 x 3
    Close Grip Bench - 255 x 3
    One Arm Dumbell Curl - 65 x 3
    Dumbell Shoulder Press - 100 x 4
    Overhead Dumbell Tricep - 120 x 6
    Deadlift - 435 x 2

    17" Arms
    26" Quads
    34" Waist
    16.5" Calves

    Max Bench - 275 x 1
    12 Rep Bench - 205 x 12
    Clean And Jerk - 205 x 1
    Squat - 445 x 1
    Barbell Curl - 115 x 3
    Close Grip Bench - 225 x 5
    One Arm Dumbell Curl - 60 x 2
    Dumbell Shoulder Press - 90 x 4
    Overhead Dumbell Tricep - 100 x 4
    Deadlift - 405 x 2

    Could've been way more only if I had upped the protein count and calories. My diets posted up, but I found it was really hard to maintain it. Halfway through my cycle, I changed it from a bulk to a minor cutting as I headed down to California for a week on vacation. Didn't want to be too fat. I dropped down for 230 to 215 in 4 days prior to my flight, hard to get that 15lbs back, most of it was water however. The power I fucking loved and still do. I retained most of it, and happy with my results. I'll post up another thread with how steroids changed my life, because they have. For the better...



    I was satisfied with it, I could FEEL the blood levels never remaining constant. That was a real bitch. The prop, hurt for the first 2 weeks, then I didn't feel it as much. Somedays it would kick in hard, others it would be satisfactory. Overall, nah, wouldn't do Sust again. I would stick with another raw test, probably Enanthate to keep the blood levels constant. Trust me when I say you can feel the levels changing. Great strength gains off of it though.

    Man, this stuff is the SHIT! I didn't fully appreciate it until I went off of it. Great stuff. Insane pumps, immediate gains and some raw power. Made going to the gym enjoyable. Loved every second of it. If you're looking to have a nice pump, get gains fast (but be prepared to lose them without a test base) and fill in your sleeves, D-Bol is the way to go. I WILL use this again as my frontload, if not Fina.

    Once it kicked in, around week 4, my joints felt AMAZING. I had severe neck problems that seemed to just vanish with the help of Deca. I was pushing some serious weight and having no joint pain whatsoever. Lubricates like a bitch. Probably won't use it again though, besides the joint lubrication, my body hinted that it didn't do much for me. Just a personal 'feeling', you know? Anyways, good stuff if you have sore joints. It will do miracles for them.

    Haha, made me hard. Changed up my diet and ran Clen with it, dropped some serious water wait, made me more vascular and veins veins veins! Loved it! Besides the EOD injects, this stuff is pretty good! Same effect as D-Bol I feel, but without the bloat. And trust me bro's, there's BLOAT on a mass cycle!

    In summary:
    I'm pleased with the results, I had no gyno symptoms at all (thank god) and no aggression. If anything, I became more of a patient calm person because in the gym, I knew I could tear shit up. And it wasn't worth the time or effort to waste getting angry when you already know you can throw down, and throw down hard. Just a personal thing.
    Because I have small joints, it was tough to tell that I buked up until I took my shirt off. Then it became very noticeable. The muscle maturity, size and shape was very noticeable. In plain clothes, I look thicker and filled in a lot of my sleeves and shirts. Many became too small. But with my shirt off, my back and chest blew the fuck up. My arms, lagged behind I felt. But I'll hit them cycle...haha!

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    Congrats bro! all in all it sounds like you a had a kick-ass cycle. Update with the next one too!


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    Very nice, welcome back.


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    looks like you made some good gains...

    welcome back

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