Hello, this is my first post here. I'm not new to the game but have been out of it awhile. Here is my history:
Two real cycles/ first one was just me and my friend splitting a bottle of test and deca .
Started working out at 155-165, went to 165-170 naturally.
Not last January, but the Jan before took last cycle. Got to about 195 of solid pounds. Guessing bf% of around 10%, probaly less(helps when you start out a skinny bastard).
Got Real sick (non-related) and lost everything I worked so hard to achieve.
Move foward to today. I wiegh around 185 (not the same 185 as when I was on the way up) no matter what (my wieght used to fluctuate dramatically, moreso down than up).
I'm ready to start at it hard again. I'm at a stable point in my life and I will be able to be dedicated again. (I don't like to mess around, either 100% or nothing).
Well here is why I posted this on the cycles board:
I've been reviewing the availible products and have noticed new items that were not avalible on my last trip to TJ. I am looking to cycle Trenbol, Stanvol (both ttyyoko products), and clen . I am not looking to gain like I had in the past ,I don't need a whole lot of wieght, and I just want to look like I used to (not too heavy but muscular with abs). I would describe my previous look as big even though I am below 200 b/c I have a naturally skinny build.
I need to know the amounts needed and the results that have come to any that have taken this stack (with or without clen). Honest results no propaganda. and how much $ in TJ (not blackmarket)
I know what I am doing and do not need to know about watching out for fakes or where to go, I've bought big time there before and can get bottomline prices. I've also carried a lot back at once and on plane if there is any questions about that.
Thanks for your time