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    Help with 2 cycles

    I am attempting to help 2 friends with there cycles.
    The first one is 5'10 140 pounds. Low body fat
    He wants to gain maybe 10 keepable pounds atleast. Never cycled before

    He has this stuff already so I was trying to help him set it up for what he has

    1-10 100mg equipore
    1-2 25mg anadrol
    2-4 50mg anadrol
    5-9 250mg supertest.
    Im pretty sure thats all the gear he has.

    the next is 203 pounds. At maybe 17 percent body fat
    1-10 250 sust a week
    6-12 40 mg win
    he doesnt have much gear either so i cant set him up a plan really. But he needs to harden up more than gain weight

    I dont know if they can get much gains from either of thse but niether have cycled before so hopefully they can get something out of this.

    Any input would be appreciated

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    Feb 2003
    equipoise sorry

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    bro those cycles are terrible, the 140 lbs guy shouldnt be cycling, he can put on some weight without juice, HE IS NOT READY FOR GEAR......

    the second guy i think shoulod get to 14% before cycling, but if he cycles i would tell him to get a single estered test, not sust 250, which i belive is super test....

    i would run the 203 guy like this

    test cyp ot test enathate 500mg (1-10)
    eq 400mg (1-10)
    winny 50mg ed (8-13)

    he needs to hold off until he can afford a decent cycle....steroids are not something you want to do half assed....Madmax..

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