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Thread: Cycle Qs...

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    Cycle Qs...

    I had plannedmy next cycle as follows

    1-8 500mg Sus/week
    1-4 30-40mg dbol /ed
    5-8 50mg Winstrol depot/ed

    with the usual proviron all through the cycle and clomid post cycle (maybe some clen aswell)

    Cycles like this have worked well for me in the past - Ive put some decent weight on early in the cycle, but ended up more cut with no water retention and have kept the gains.

    However, Ive been thinking about altering the test intake to be

    1-6 500mg Sus/week
    7-8 50mg Test prop/ed

    The reasoning behind this was to get the androgen levels down quicker at the end of the cycle and allow me to get on the clomid quicker. I know I couold just take the prop all through, but Ive already got some Sus in the cupboard I was hoping to use up next cycle.

    Any comments??

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    8 week long of 17aa drug is long
    beside that, if it works then dont fix it
    I personly would go on the sust for 10weeks but thats me
    keep an eye on that liver bro
    be safe

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    No man,

    it was set up with winstrol depot. As its injectable I wasnt aware it was too hard on your liver - at least the profile info on this site doesnt seem to think so!

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    The rpofiles are out dated. we are in the middle of re-writing them now.

    For your cycle, I would do some serious re-arranging
    Switch the Sust to Enan or Cyp. Sust needs to be shot EOD to utilize the prop effeciently. For that reason it's best to go at 750mg(which is too high for you at this point.

    Do not do 8wks of 17aa's. The winstrol is depot but it's still a 17aa, just as harsh on the liver.

    I would run this for a bulker
    wk1-10 500mg Enan
    wk1-4 35mg Dbol ED
    clomid starts 2 wks after last injection

    or this if your cutting
    wk1-8 75mg Prop
    wk3-8 50mg Winny ED
    clomid starts 2 days after last winny/prop dose.

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