Hey guys, this is my first time posting here but i have been reading and learning a lot from this board.

A little about me, im 21 right now and live in so cal im half indian (my dad is from india) and white (my mother is white) during high school ive been pretty small and i would say under my ideal weight too. im about 6"1 and was about 140-150 from ending senior year through about 2 years of college. i always wanted to get big but never had the drive until i went to mr olympia last year (02) i went with some friends of mine who work out all the time and i told them that i wanted to look like that! not that big but my ideal size would be 230 240 with 7-10 body fat. mental picture would be arnold with some of his upper body muscle on his legs)

i had some hook ups with roids and after a month of working out naturally to get the hang of it learn from my friends and get all the soarness out i started to use my first cycle which was Eq and Dball, i was useing 200mg of eq a week and about 130mg of dbal i think a week. that and eating a $hit load i was able to raise my weight to 190 and 14% fat when i finished that cycle. 40lb gain was great, large part of it was due to me not eating right before. my weight leveled off at about 183 so i was up and holding 33lb gain in 6weeks.
my friend who saw my gains and who has been natural for 5 years was surprised and he did a 2 week cycle of fina and had 10lbs of muscle gain. and he wanted to do a long cycle like i did. so after i waited coupe months my friend and i did a 2nd cycle which is the cycle i am still on and going to finish up in 2 weeks. he was doing 250 of sus and eod fina while i did 250 omnidran (spell) and started with 200mg a week of eq, then i started to use my old bottle from my first cycle fort doge 50mg per cc for site injections. so mid cycle i was doing 350mg of eq and 25 test. then i did 400mg of eq and 250 of test for acouple weeks and my last 2 weeks im going to finish up with 600mg of eq and 250 test. i normally do 1cc per shot in each inner and outter tricep and each inner and outter bicep.
my weight now is 215 and 2 weeks to go (im on a 12 week cycle in not doing any more this year) from a guy who hasnt worked out ever before thsese last 6-7months ive been able to bench 245, squat 345 deadlift 375 all on my own.

as for my body stats
arms are now 17inch (they were 13.5 about 6 months ago!!)
forearms are 13.6
thighs are 25inch
calfs are 16.25
neck is 18
waist is 34.5
hips are 40
chest is 44

my workouts are
sunday- chest and tri
monday back and bi and forearms
tuesday- legs

(doing legs 2x a week because thats my weak area)

i only have 1 picture of me flexing before the cycle im looking my hardest for it and this weekend im going to take some pictures so hopefully ill be able to post some. and in a month ill tell you what my ending weight and if any other stats have changed.