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    Question first time

    any opinion is appreciated. i'm 23 5'4" 162lbs. i'd like to add some size and lose some fat for the summer. this will be my first time taking roids. i've been reading up and am considering starting with d-bol for 8 weeks, nolvadex for the last 3. then deca for 8 to 10 weeks and nolvadex or clomid at the end of that. perhaps some clen thrown in here and there to start in the middle or at the end, Not Sure? what do ya think?

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    just a little advice

    i would say make sure you have a good base to workout with when you start roids...but your probably going to do them anyways is a little advice ill give you...if anybody see's anything wrong with it please say something...there are alot more experienced people in here.

    run the deca from weeks 1-10 or 12
    run the dbol from weeks 1-4 anymore would probably hurt your liver
    use the nolv if you feel your nipples itching, burning, tingling..etc
    use clomid at the end of the cycle
    the clen ...from what research ive done on it..its cool to run during a cycle. but dont start taking the max dosage when you start, slowly step it up.
    and.......:important: up your protein intake and lower fat me have to eat alot, your body needs something to work with..well thats my 2 cents on this... good luck

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