i decided to start a new course, been 2 years or so since my last and but have been training on a regular basis since then...

i started on a Dbol / deca / primo cycle and am currently on week 4 however i had to cut the primo as i wasnt completely happy that it was the real thing.

currently im taking 40mg dbol daily and 300 deca/week. i had planned to continue with dbol until week 6 and increase deca to 400 or 500/week. Gains have been pretty good but have gained about 3% body fat as well, would this be just the normal water retention??

now here's the question, what would u guys recommend to replace the Dbol? was thinking about testo cypitate, mabye 400-500/ week although to be honest i cant afford to pack on any more body fat or people will be trying to roll me back into the pool at weekends!

i want to make this cycle work so any help or advice would be greatly appreciated..