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Thread: Steroid Usage

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    Steroid Usage

    Im just how decidint whether or not to take steroids . Ive been taking creatine for about a year now, and its helped a little bit, but im wanting huge results. Creatine mainly helped me with my biceps and raised my endurance alot, but ive heard d-bols are some of the best things to use. However im about to turn 16 and im also wondering if thats too young to start them.

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    JUST ABOUT TO TURN 16? u shouldn't even be thinking about this!!!!!!!

    sorry kid but 16 is WAY to young...your natural testosterone level is so high, with a good diet and hard work you should be able to achieve excellent results.

    dbol is fast acting, and fast fading, and very toxic to your liver...if you just took it for a while and stopped, you would end up no further ahead muscle wise... but i GUARANTEE you that you will be left with problems with your joints, muscles, sexual organs, not to mention STUNTED GROWTH

    wait till you are in your 20's, then MAYBE consider it

    i don't care what excuse/good reason you think you may have to do it...DON'T

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    halifax is right man.
    being 16, you have no idea how much you can still grow. In just 2-3 yrs after graduating high school I (along with all of my buddies) put on 40-60 solid, natural pounds (trust me, its not fat).
    Dude, believe me, you will definitely grow. your muscles havent even reached a mature level yet. if you start now, you will likely be messed up somehow later down the road.
    do yourself a favor and dont even think about taking them for another 5-6 yrs.
    train smart.

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