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Thread: Sus/Deca/Primo

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    Hello everyone, this will be my first cycle and I was going to do deca /primo combo but i fell into 16 amps of nile-Sus. I have been doing tons of research on what kind of AS to do the first time and I have seen over 300 different ways to do this stuff. Here is what I have right now and would like to here some of your feedback on what to do:

    16 amps - 250 Sus
    8 amps - 100 Primo Depot
    5 amps - 250 Deca Dur

    I am currently 200 lbs and fairly fit, but wanted to do this cycle more for looks then for strength. I was orginaly going to try to gain some muscle but wanted to cut up more than anything. Should I dump the Sus and get more Deca and primo? I have been looking at alot of threads here about Sus and now I am getting scared of getting bitch tits. Will 16 250/Sus give me bitch tits? Thanks for the feedback.

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    Well, the general idea is to take 500mg or more a wk of sust to maintain more steady levels of test, but first timers can get good gains with 250/wk. but, it looks like you'd have enough to run 500/wk anyway for 8 weeks, and then you'd need to get 8more amps of primo for 200mg a wk. and atleast 3 more amps of deca . making your cycle look like this....

    wk 1 - 8 500mg sust
    wk 1 - 8 200mg primo
    wk 1 - 8 250mg deca

    but you could run the primo starting 3 weeks after the deca, so that it runs over into clomid therapy...

    wk 1 - 8 500mg sust
    wk 1 - 8 250mg deca
    wk 3 - 11 200mg primo
    wk 12 start clomid 300mg first day and so on do your own research on that...

    if yer scared of bitch tits get antiestrogens or just bypass it by running proviron for the majority of the cycle... I'd suggest more searching, cause this stuff can be easier to figure out with the proper knowledge. Not to be offensive, just to be informative good luck

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